Weekend Writing

Hey everyone, how are you?

This weekend is going to be a writing weekend as I have a deadline coming up.


The writing is going to be all non-fiction as I have to finish the current section of the book chapter. I am around half way through the current section and want to get the hand written draft finished this weekend. As then I can just look at editing and typing it up at the start of next week. The biggest hurdle that I am facing is that I am completely reliant on google scholar to find articles that support my argument. If I was at the university then I would have a whole range of databases, but I do not have access to it off campus as they will not give me an Athens account. But I just have to make the best of it and so far I have been able to find some good articles. So, fingers crossed that it will continue.

I am thinking that the writing will take me the whole of the weekend. As I also have things to change in the sections that I have already written. I am going to do those changes once the hand written draft is done. If by some chance I do get all of the writing done for the current section done, then I will look into doing some fiction writing. I have missed writing fiction and do want to go back to it. I just need to get this chapter done and submitted then I can go back to the novel and short stories. When it is done I will also be able to go back to poetry and build that up again. I have not written any poetry for a long time and I know that it will take some time to get use to writing it again.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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