Treatment Day

Hey everyone, how are you?

I am having some more fascial manipulation treatment this morning.


It’s been a month since my last fascial manipulation appointment and treatment. And I was told to come back in a month. Which was good as I have a lot of tension again because of all the emotional stress that has been going on. And I have been having to take more pain relief as the weeks have gone on, but nowhere near the amount that I was taking last time. The appointment is mid to late morning and it will take up to an hour to get there. As the appointment is not local. The treatment will be painful but the long term gain is worth it. When I get home I will be just resting and the treatment makes me very tired and I will more than likely fall asleep. Although on the way back, we may swing by the high street so that I can pick up my medication.

I don’t have much else planned for the day, given that the treatment tires me out. But once I have slept if there is still some time I will look at some writing until five, then I will shut down my laptop and rest for the remainder of the day. Yesterday, I had a sleep as I was tired from travelling the day before and slept so deeply that I woke up thinking it was the next morning. I think the travelling and the emotion of everything is just tiring me out. I know that my mental health is still fragile and I am just taking everything day by day until the funeral. I am hoping that afterwards, I will be able to function on a more coherent level. But then again, I know that grief does not work that way. So, we will just have to wait and see.

In the evening I will just chill and try to relax, although that is something that is hard for me to do currently. There is a book that I want to finish and I am more likely to read either in the evening or in the morning. It will all depend on how I feel, it is something that is hard predict currently.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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