Hey everyone, how are you?

Yesterday, whilst on the way to my fascial manipulation treatment I was in a car crash.


Although it was not a major crash, it was significant enough to cause some damage to my neck and back. As they have been hurting since. We were able to carry on driving to my appointment and the physio doing the treatment did check my neck and back out and there is no significant damage just aches and pains. Later on in the day I got a headache and was just in shock still from it all. When it happened I just ran on adrenaline and got things done, but after coming home and sleeping I felt really down and just exhausted. The crash was the fault of the car that went into us and the insurance companies are now involved. What I need to do is to make sure that I get it on my medical record, when I speak to the doctor next week. It just feels that with everything going on that it is never going to stop.


Today, I am going to take things easy. I spoke to my co author about the book chapter yesterday and we are going to ask for an extension, as we have both had family stuff going on that are beyond our control. And with the things that are going on there is no way we can get it all done in a week. So, fingers crossed that the editor agrees to an extension. I don’t think that we will need that long as all the sections are there they just need to knitted together. I have no idea what I will do throughout the day, I do have other writing to be getting on with. But I think a lot of it will depend on how I am feeling. I do have a phone call happening in the afternoon, but I don’t know what time.

In the evening I will just chill and try and relax. I hope that I am able to sleep, I have been able to during the day. But the nighttime is always tricky. I will read and try and finish a book that I am reading. Just playing things by ear and listening to my body and let it decide what I do. I know that I need to look after myself, so, that is what I am going to do.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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