Weekend Gaming And Writing

Hey everyone, how are you?

It’s the weekend and that means that I can relax more for a couple of days before appointments and meetings start up again.


Today, I am going to be gaming and writing, as I have started the second chapter of the short story “Virtual Reality.” I started it yesterday in the art/creative space group. I only wrote for an hour but it was good to go back to it and get back into it. I want to get more of it written today as I want to keep up with the flow of writing. It will be easier to write today compared to yesterday. As I found being in a group with people talking that I did not get as much done as I hoped. So I am going to read over what I have written so far and then make any changes that I feel are necessary. Then I will continue on with the chapter. Like I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I have a plan written out already for the short story. I just need to sit and write.

The other thing that I want to do throughout the day is some more gaming. It has been a week or two since I last gamed. And I have a couple of games that I want to play some more of and get further into them. Gaming is such a good way for me to relax and after this week, that is something that I really need to do. I think I will play some more of Mafia II. It was originally on the PS3 but was remastered for the PS4. I have played the first couple of chapters and am enjoying it as much as I did when I first played it years ago. If I get a chance I may play some more of The Last Of Us II. But it will depend on how much time I have and how much writing I get done.

I also want to get some more reading done as well. I am currently reading “The Boxer” and so far I am liking it. I want to get half way through it by the end of the day. I read some more of it last night before I went to bed. I also need to get in some drumming. And even though this sounds like a busy day, it will be relaxing as these are all things that I do to relax. It should be a good start to the weekend.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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