Hey everyone, how are you?

It’s midweek and so far the week has been okay.


The only thing that I wish I had done more of by this part of the week is writing. It has been hard to because the pain relief is knocking me out for at least two hours at a time. Meaning, that by the time I wake up and have gone to my meetings and had phone calls, I am shattered. So, I have to sleep and then when I wake it does not leave much time to write. But today, I don’t have anything in the diary so will make sure that I have time to write. I have promised that I will help mum take some stuff to the tip, but that should not take too long. And when we get back I will have time to sit and write. I have been able to get a few things off the to do list done so far. But I want to get more done by the end of the week.

Writing wise, I am writing fiction this week. And I have mentioned previous blogs that I am writing the second chapter to the short story. Which is what I am going to do today. So, I am not going to repeat what I have already written. I also want to get a good drum session in today as well. I have a lesson at the end of the week and I want to make sure I have practiced. I also want to do some more of the exercises out of the pad work book that I got. I have done the triplet exercise and although I am still working on it I want to see what else I can learn. I also want to get more of the beat that I am learning down as well. I can play it slowly and not make a mistake but when I try and play it faster I find it hard to loop.

It should be a good day and one that will be more productive. I know that I am going to be tired and dopey from the medication but I don’t have any meetings so I can get other things done.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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