Writing Sunday?

Hey everyone, how are you?

Although I am having a relaxing weekend I am wanting to get some writing done today.


I really want to try and nail the second chapter of the short story today. I didn’t get much writing done yesterday and I really want to get it done this weekend. Plus I have been thinking about it so much that I just need to get it down onto paper. Yesterday, I did nothing except catch up on sleep and drum, so even though I am relaxing, I want to do more. And I do find writing fiction to be relaxing. I like to just throw myself into projects and get really into them. It is something that I do when I really want to get something done, otherwise I just get distracted and end up procrastinating. But also, writing for me is a way of sorting things out in my head and can be a good stress relief.

Aside from writing, I want to also get in some more drum practice. I am trying to practice a specific beat and keep it going for a minute or more. At the moment I can play it through a few times before making a mistake. But it is not at the same speed as the track. So, I need to build up the speed with a metronome. It is going g to take a lot of practice and I aim to do this each day. I am trying to build it into my normal day to day routine. As well as practicing other rudiments and beats. It is something that I really enjoy, so it is never really a chore to play.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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