Day Of Writing

Hey everyone, how are you?

I need to focus and buckle down and get some writing done today.


I’ve mentioned before, that I get very easily distracted and am an expert on procrastination. And it has really shown over the last week, where although I did some writing, I did not do as much as I could have. I know that I need to kick myself and get more done, as I am wasting the days. So today, after spending the bank holiday Monday sleeping (I had not slept well for days) I am going to convince myself that I am feeling awake and refreshed and switch on the laptop. I will be writing the second short story chapter and getting it ready for an edit and a type up. So that, it can go up at the end of the week or at the weekend. I need to give myself a big kick up the backside. One thing that I did manage to do yesterday was write my to do list and now I can see clearly the things that I need to do this week.

I do also have a meeting today, there wasn’t one yesterday because it was a bank holiday. The meeting is only for an hour and is in the morning, so I will have the entire afternoon to write. However, I have mentioned to a friend that I am free for a drum lesson. But it was late notice so I am not expecting it to happen today. So, I will be writing instead. I will be getting my half an hour of drum practice in. I had a day off yesterday as I had practiced six days in a row. Although I cannot walk past the kit without hitting one of the practice pads and going through an exercise that I learnt at the live lesson over the weekend. I have learnt it, how I just need to get it down and consistent.

I also need to do my physio therapy exercises, which I have done most days. I have an appointment later on in the week and she will be able to tell if I have done them. They are also on a internet check list that I have to log into. So, it will be even more obvious if I have done them or not. I need to do them, as I am in pain when I don’t, so it is in my best interest to do them if I am going to recover from the car crash. They don’t take long to do about twenty minutes so it really isn’t that long out of my day. But aside from the physio exercises and the drumming, the rest of the day will be writing. If I get the draft of the short story done then I will move onto the novel and get some more of that written.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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