New Video Game

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today, I am getting new video game, it is being delivered at some point during the day.


I still have things that I have to do today, but it will all stop when the video game is delivered. I have a couple of things that I have to do but aside from that, I should be gaming. It is dependant on what time it arrives. I haven’t had an email to say it is coming by post, so I have to assume it is by amazon delivery, so it could be any time. I’m really hoping that it will come in the afternoon, so that I can get the things that I need to do done and then just have time to play it. If it arrives beforehand I know that I am going to be distracted. I have been very much looking forward to the game since it was announced and it will be a trip down memory lane as it is a remake of a game I use to play as a child.

Before I start gaming, I have a meeting and a group to go to. And it needs to be better than yesterday, where I overslept and missed a meeting. The first meeting is my usual morning meeting which happens four times a week. And it is for an hour. I will then have a break for an hour and a half, before I go to the art/creative space group. I have some writing that I want to do in that time. As I have printed off a draft of the book chapter and I want to start going through it and highlighting where changes need to be made. It is only for an hour but it will be good to get started on it. I have notes from the meeting on Wednesday and know what I am looking for.

It is after the art/creative space group that I will then game for a few hours. But I will make sure that I leave the evening for some reading. I have started “Shutter Island” and am enjoying it. I usually read in the evening when there is not much on television. I like it as background noise. I find that if I game too much into the evening it will keep me awake for too long, or I don’t sleep at all. Which is why I like to do something like reading as it’s not as overstimulating.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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