No Results Yet

Hey everyone, how are you?

I am still waiting for my test results from the Coronavirus test that I did on Tuesday.


The waiting is starting to drive me up the wall, as my anxiety is increasing with every minute that passes. I rang them yesterday after it had been twenty four hours and they took my details and said that they would email another department so I could get a response, but so far nothing has happened. I know that there have been news reports about the people resting the samples being overstretched. And at most it could take up to three days to get my results. But I was told at the testing site that it would be between twenty four to forty eight hours. I tried calling the recovery centre yesterday as my anxiety was getting really bad. And there is not much that they could do, except to advise me to keep on distracting and grounding myself.

Today, I have meetings and things that I need to do. But I know that I am going to be distracted until I hear whether or not I have the virus. And the more time that passes the more I’m getting convinced that it will be positive. I’m also having trouble sleeping, as my mind will not switch off. I have some more sleeping tablets prescribed by my doctor and as long as my chest is good, I will take one to help me sleep. But if my chest gets worse because of my asthma, then I will not be able to take them. The good thing is that my peak flow is holding steady so it should be okay. When I am not in the meetings, I will try and do some more writing.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.



After I wrote this, but before it went live, I got a message saying that the rest was negative. Am so relieved.

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