Hey everyone, how are you?

I am only going to one meeting today and that is for the book chapter.


I should have three meetings today, but that is too much for me and I am only going to go to one. My co author and I are meeting each day as we have almost finished the book chapter. And we are almost ready to send it to the editor. The meeting is in the morning and we will go through the changes that we have made and then discuss what we need to do next. So, I will be writing before the meeting and getting my end of things done. After the meeting and after I have rested, I will then write some more of the short story. It had to take a back seat in the week because I was feeling so unwell. But now that I am feeling better and am covid negative I can start to think about it again.

I am feeling very tired and I know that this is just because I have not been well. I slept well the previous night because I took a sleeping tablet. And I am hoping that it is going to knock me back into a more regular sleep routine. I also want to spend some of the day just chilling. I am getting through a fiction book at the moment and I am almost half way through it. It is “Shutter Island” and I am really enjoying it, more than I enjoyed the film. That I have ordered another book by the same author. I also may get in some gaming and will definitely get in another drum practice session as well. It will be a good day and hopefully not as hectic as the the rest of the week.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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