Wiped Out

Hey everyone, how are you?

I am hoping for a less intense day today. After yesterday burning me out by the late afternoon.


I have another three meetings today, but am hoping that in one of them I can just sit and listen. Rather than be intensely involved in the discussion. The first and second meetings are confidential so I cannot talk about them. The final meeting of the day, is about the book chapter. We didn’t send it off yesterday because I was just burnt out by the end of the day. I’d had a busy day and a lot of meetings and was just really tired. I was told by my co author to stop for the day and rest in the evening. But we only have a couple of things to do and then we can send it off. So, I am hoping to do that today. And then it will just be a case of waiting for the edits to come in.

I don’t have to go out today so I can be at home and rest in the morning before the first meeting. I am not going to get up and boot up the laptop to type my fingers to the bone, as there is no need. I will have the time in between the meetings to make the few changes that are needed. So, I am going to have a lazy half morning and just try and sleep a bit more. My sleep has not been good lately and I know that it is contributing to my low mood. My mood got really low yesterday around lunch time and it took a lot of work to try and pull myself out of it. That’s not to say, that I was happy for the rest of the day. But I was able to cut myself some slack.

I am going to spend the evening just chilling in front of the television, watching programs that I will have seen before so I don’t have to think. I may read some more of a book that I am reading. But it will depend on how tired I am feeling. I am still making sure that I go to bed at a good time and am trying to wake up at my usual time. Although, that has been hard as I have been sleeping through my alarms. Overall, I am hoping that today goes better than yesterday.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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