Hey everyone, how are you?

Today, for me, is a big day as I am having an initial session for counselling.


I am going back to counselling today, for the first time in years. It is something that was suggested to me and I have been exploring for a while now. I did consider having Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). But I am doing a lot of that at the recovery centre that I go to. And it will be something that would be more expensive and longer to get to. Whereas, counselling is cheaper and nearer to me. Also, the counsellor that I have found is one that I use to see years ago and I got on with him and like his form of counselling. He does person centred counselling and that works well for me. I don’t know much about person centred counselling except, that it is a more humanistic approach.

It is the initial session, where I talk about my history and why I have chosen to go down this route. And we will know if we click or not. It is important for me to get on with the counsellor, otherwise I am not going to open up to them. I have had bad counsellors in the past and it took a lot for me to go back. When I was younger there was a centre that offered counselling and that is when I first met the counsellor that I am going to today. We had around twenty sessions and it really helped me out at the time. But now, more things have come to the surface and there are things that I want to discuss. So, I am really hoping that it works out again. But if not then there is a back up plan, that I will discuss with my lead practitioner.

I also have a physio appointment afterwards and I will be going straight from counselling to physio. With time to get some lunch on the way. After physio, I am hoping to go and get my prescription as it was not ready yesterday. I am really hoping that it will be done by the time I am done with physio. Then I can get a bus straight to the pharmacy and then go home. Then if I get the chance and am not too worn out from the day, I will carry on with writing the short story chapter. I wrote a good chunk of it yesterday and really want to get it finished. I will also have time in the morning to write before I have to go out. It is a busy but hopefully productive day.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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