Almost Done

Hey everyone, how are you?

The second chapter of “Virtual Reality” is almost done.


Yesterday, I wrote throughout the afternoon, getting closer and closer to finishing the second chapter of the current short story. I found it harder to write than I normally do, I am not sure why. I think it might be because I was pressuring myself to write, rather than allow it to come naturally. But the main thing is that I managed to write something. And it can always be edited at a later date. You can’t edit anything if you don’t write anything. I also think that the chapter is challenging me as a writer, as it is a different style to how I have written before. And that is always going to be harder. But I want to grow as a writer and that is a way to do it. I will pick up the chapter again today and try and get it finished. I find it easier to write in the week than I do at the weekend.

Today, I will also be looking at the book chapter, as I didn’t get a chance to over the weekend. We have format changes that we need to make and now have three weeks to get it back to the editor. Which is still plenty of time and I know that we will get it done. I will contact my co author and find a time that is good for us to meet this week. We were meant to meet last week, but my health went down and we had to change it. I know that now the academic year is starting that she will get more busy, so, I will fit it in around her diary. As my week is rather free this week.

I do have a meeting today, which will only be for an hour. It will be good as I missed most of them last week, so want to make sure that I got to most of them this week. I know that I won’t get to one tomorrow as I have to go out in the middle of it as I have an appointment. I also have to go out today briefly and order some of my cats medication and pick up my own from the pharmacy. I shouldn’t be out for long. It should be a nice start to the week and a good way to ease myself into it.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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