Virtual Reality Chapter 2

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As promised the second chapter of the short story. The link to the first chapter is at the end.

Chapter 2

  Squatting down in the long grass, scoping out the huts and the potential loot. Valerie’s first thought was how to secure the perimeter and take out the army of mercenaries that she was about to encounter. Once the perimeter was secure, she could then move forward and take control of the base. Firstly though, Valerie needed to check her supplies. She had taken ammo for the AK47 from the dead mercenaries behind her. As well as one of the thin bullet proof vests for her own protection. It was only when checking the supplies that Valerie noticed that she was shaking, as the adrenaline had worn off and the gravity of the situation had started to hit. Valerie found herself lost in a train of thought that the mercenaries that she had killed could be other players and if so, where they dead in real life? Shaking these thoughts from her head, Valerie knew that she needed to eat and calm herself down if she was going to survive.

  For now, Valerie moved away from the mercenary base and back to the camp that she had previously made. Grabbing the knife from her crafting equipment, she scanned the area for anything that she could kill and eat. Initially there was nothing, Valerie was about to turn away when something dashed across her eyesight. It was a creature that she had never seen before, but one that could potentially eat. Moving forward slowly towards the innocent creature Valerie focused on her prey. Within a couple of steps she was in grabbing distance. In one quick move Valerie grabbed and killed the creature, before it had any realisation of what was happening. It did not feel any pain. Although the action made Valerie feel sick to her stomach, she knew that it was necessary in order to survive. Moving back towards her makeshift camp, Valerie skinned and cooked the creature, whilst making sure that she did not leave too much evidence of her being there. As she ate, Valerie thought about whether she could continue on as it was getting dark or try and sleep. The decision was made for her by her aching bones and full stomach.

  Waking up a couple of hours later, Valerie was relieved that she was still under the cover of darkness. Although, she did not feel completely rested, it was better than nothing. Valerie knew that is was time to move on with her mission. Gathering her things and moving past the rock wall and the dead bodies of the first couple of mercenaries, Valerie headed towards the base. Remembering the route that she had taken, Valerie moved through the trees, until they thinned out revealing the base. Looking at the base from a distance, Valerie knew that it had been a good idea to attack at night, as there were less mercenaries on patrol. She could only see one guarding the perimeter. He had to be taken out if she was going to progress.

  Crouching down, Valerie slowly and stealthily walked up behind him. Grabbing the knife that she had used to kill the creature, she was right behind him. In one swift moved Valerie grabbed the mercenary around the mouth so he did not call out and plunged the knife into his neck. The mercenary fell to his knees, as he did so, Valerie moved the knife around and slashed open his throat. Flicking the blood off of the knife, Valerie moved onwards, praying that there were no more mercenaries on patrol.

  Moving forward more quickly, Valerie soon found herself in the middle of the base camp. There was one main hut that was currently unguarded. The rest of the ground was filled with boxes and crates filled with guns and tactical equipment. To the side there was some long grass. Valerie quickly hid in the long grass as she did not want to leave herself exposed in the middle of the base. As Valerie hid, a mercenary came out of the hut talking on a radio. Stopping at the door, he waited for a response but none came. After a few more attempts on the radio the mercenary started to walk to the edge of the perimeter. But just out of reach for Valerie to grab him. Valerie could not move either without being seen. There was no other option, other than to shoot the mercenary before he found the body. As quietly as possible, Valerie loaded the 9mm, aimed and pulled the trigger.

  The shot rang out, hitting the mercenary in the chest. The impact being taken by the bullet proof vest. Valerie squeezed the trigger again and aimed for the head. As the second shot rang out the mercenary hit the ground dead. But the sound of gun fire had woken the rest of the base and now they were all coming out of the hut, weapons drawn and ready for combat. But when they looked they could not see anyone except their dead colleague.

  They were now looking for her, Valerie had jumped behind one of the sets of boxes and was peaking over to see how close they were. Valerie knew that she could not take them all out single handed. There were two mercenaries thought that were heading in her direction, although they did not know that they were so close. With ammo still in the magazine, Valerie jumped up from under the boxes and shot four times, twice in each mercenary. Watching them fall to the ground before hiding again. The heads of the other mercenaries turned to the sound of the gun fire and started to head in her direction. Knowing that there was too many of them. Valerie looked around for a distraction. It was then that she saw a collection of gas canisters. Loading the AK47, Valerie stood and took aim, firing at the gas canisters. The explosion boomed and took out a number of mercenaries straight away, but there were a couple who were only down injured.

  Hiding back behind the boxes, Valerie looked around for a new place to hide. It was then that she saw some trees that would provide enough cover. But as Valerie moved, a shot was fired towards her and hit her in the leg. Screaming as she fell, Valerie continued to crawl towards the trees. As quickly as she could Valerie fired back and took out the remaining mercenaries with the AK47. Surveying the scene there was blood and body matter all over the ground. Looking down at her own leg, Valerie was thankful that it was just a graze. The bullet that had hit her had not done too much damage. Standing, Valerie found that she had full range of movement and was able to weight bear on it. Looking again at the scene that was in front of her, there was a sense of relief that this part was over. There was calm, with only the sound of burning embers from the exploded gas canisters.

  Leaning against a tree Valerie blew a sigh of relief, it was then that she noticed that although only grazed her leg was bleeding. Valerie had to stop the bleeding, so she moved towards the hut. Walking past the bodies of the mercenaries, the thoughts came back to her that these could be other players of the game and were they dead in real life. Shaking her head Valerie opened the wooden door of the hut. Inside was decorated like an army barracks, there were beds and supplies scattered in an orderly fashion. The first thing that Valerie found was some medical supplies. Bandaging her leg tightly she managed to stem the bleeding. There were also some packets of painkillers on a counter. Taking a couple to numb the pain in her leg, Valerie continued to loot the hut. Taking more ammo for her guns and upgrading the knife and bullet proof vest. With nothing more to take, Valerie turned to leave. It was only then that something glistening on the floor caught her eye. Deep in the corner of the hut was a coin. Valerie picked it up to examine it. On onside it was engraved with the words: “This is reality.” On the other side was a cross that had been scratched into the metal. Pocketing the coin, it got Valerie wondering what was left for her on the island and would she make it out alive.

  Leaving the hut, Valerie saw that the bodies were still lying on the ground. Vultures were flying above biding their time before swooping in. To her right, Valerie noticed a small clearing. There was clear blue sky above the trees of the forest. Walking towards the clearing, Valerie climbed a small ledge that sent a dull shot of pain through her leg, the painkillers were kicking in. For the first time since the start of the mission she had been able to smell the sea air. It was then that she knew that she was towards the end of the island. Setting up a makeshift camp, Valerie settled down to rest. Unaware that the worst was yet to come.  

Chapter 1 can be found here.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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