Hard To Type

Hey everyone, how are you?

It is hard to type currently as my left wrist is in a splint due to repetitive strain injury.


I have injured my wrist through drumming and as a result I have to wear this splint for a couple of weeks. It has a metal stick going through it underneath so that the wrist doesn’t move. It’s frustrating because holding my phone to type is hard and typing on a laptop is slower than I am use to. But I want my wrist to heal so that I can get back on the drum kit and get practicing again. Yesterday, I managed to get some writing and editing done for the book chapter. It was slow to do but it does mean that I have less so to do today. And it means that I can rest a bit more today, as after a day at the laptop and three meetings I had a headache.


As I mentioned I can rest a bit more today and I can spend less time in front of the screen. I do have a couple of meetings but they are very spread out. Although I am thinking about not going to the first meeting. I think it will depend on how I feel in the morning. Otherwise I am going to continue to write the third chapter of the short story and continue the edits to the book chapter. I also want to get some more reading in. Which is something that I will do in the evening. I am a introvert and my ideal Friday is curled up inside with a good book. Rather than going out and getting wasted. It should be a good day and one that is more chilled than other days this week.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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