Midweek Writing

Hey everyone, how are you?

It half way through the week and I am at home so will be spending the day writing.


I will be mixing my writing today, rather than focusing purely on fiction or non-fiction. As I have a few projects that I am currently working on. One of the pieces that I want to write on is the short story. I need to get that going so that, I don’t end up leaving it so long in between chapter uploads. I am looking forward to writing the first chapter as it allows for me to develop the main character and bring things to a crescendo. So that I can then write the final chapter which will wrap things up. I am really enjoying the character that I have developed and may use her again in future writing. It will be nice to write some fiction, as lately I have been focused on non-fiction a lot lately. Although I have been reading fiction.

The second piece is the book chapter. I have a meeting at the end of the day and we are close to finishing off the edits. It has been fun and I am still enjoying the process of writing and editing non-fiction. We have some more references to put in and just need to tighten things up, i.e. grammar. I also need to read an article that I was meant to do the other day. But time ran away from me as yesterday was a busy day. Thankfully the article is not too long, so I should be able to get it read pretty quickly.

The third thing that I want to do is start to mind map some blog ideas. As I have been added as an author on another mental health blog. So, I am thinking about what I want to write for my first piece. I want to make sure that it is good. I have some ideas that I am thinking about but it is always best for me and my dyslexia to mind map it out. It will be cool to write for this blog and branch out a bit. It was a nice surprise when I got the message the other night. So, that are the pieces that I am writing about today. I also want to start a new fiction book, as I have finished the one that I was reading. I really enjoyed it and want to read the other books written by the author.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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