Slowly Getting Back On The Kit

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today, I get to try and drum again after taking some time off because of injury.


I get to try the drums today, after two weeks off because of repetitive strain injury. I have been doing the physio therapy exercises and kept it in a splint. So I am optimistic that I am going to be able to play for a little while and get back into it. It has been hard not to drum for a couple of weeks, especially when it is the only thing I have wanted to do. I am going to do some light practice with some beats and rudiments. I will only practice for half an hour max. And I may split that up into fifteen minutes twice a day. As I know that once I start practicing I won’t want to stop with just one. But also, I know that I will have to be disciplined and not go over board with it. Otherwise I will just end up injuring it again. I did try drumming one handed and found it really hard and disheartening. So, I really want to make sure that I appreciate being able to practice again.

I’ve got a meeting in the morning, but aside from that I don’t have much else on. It is a really light week for me and I am enjoying having some time to rest. As I know that I was getting really stressed and burnt out. I do also need to spend some time looking after my cat as she had to go to the vet yesterday. She has an infection after getting into a fight. She has to have a cone around her head to stop her scratching and is also on antibiotics. But the cone makes everything very disorienting for her, that it can be hard to watch. But I need to make sure that she eats and takes her medication. So, I want to spend some time with her.

I will also get some more writing done through out the day. I am going to continue on with the third chapter of the short story. I am really enjoying writing it. Although I still have not decided if it is going to be the last chapter with an epilogue or the second to last chapter with no epilogue. I am sure that I will figure it out as I write more, it’s not the pressing at the moment. It should be a good day and one that I have been looking forward to since I injured my wrist. I also want to get some reading done and maybe some gaming as well, depending on the amount of time that I have.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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