Busy Week

Hey everyone, how are you?

It’s going to be a new busy week for me and I am already longing for Friday evening.


Thankfully today is one of the least busy days of the week. As I only have a meeting in the morning and once it is done I can chill for a bit. I have a key work late morning and that is going to only be for half an hour, an hour maximum. I usually have another meeting at that time but I am going to have to miss it as this was the only time my key worker could do. It will be good to check in with my key worker as it has been a couple of weeks and there have been some changes in that time. And in some respects I have been struggling a little. And it will give me a chance to vent a little and just throw some thoughts out and get a measured impartial response.

In the afternoon, I may have to go out. As over the weekend I had put a repeat prescription in and they sometimes get approved really quickly. Which is what I am hoping for as I have little time when I could make it down to the pharmacy and this afternoon is one of those times. Although I won’t run out of medication until the end of the week so it won’t be really bad if I don’t go today. But I also need to go out and get a couple of things from the supermarket. So, either way I will have to go out anyway.

Aside from my meeting the rest of the day I will make sure that I am putting myself in the best position to get through the rest of the week. Without burning myself out or freaking myself out. I also need to prepare for a meeting tomorrow which is going to be online and in front of a load of students. It doesn’t sound as bad as it is online but I know that I am still going to be slightly nervous. So, I want to make sure that my notes are clear and that I can refer to them when I need to. Otherwise I will just be reading and gaming. And allow myself to relax as much as possible.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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