Little Time To Write

Hey everyone, how are you?

I have little time to write today, but will be spending a lot of time online on the laptop.


The reason behind me not being able to write a lot today, is that I am spending time talking to students about my physical and mental health. They are nursing students at one of the universities in the city and I am a service user. So, a couple of times a year I will talk to them and answer questions. In normal circumstances I will be in the university but because of covid everything is being done online. So, I need to make sure that I am at home and online by a certain time. It will be good to talk to the students and when I have done it in the past it has been a lot of fun.

Before I go talk to the students I have another appointment that I have to go out for. So, I have little time in the morning to write as well. As I will be leaving early to make sure that I am on time for my appointment. Like I said in yesterday’s blog I have a busy week this week so there will be a lot of times this week where I will not have time to write. I want to write and I will get some done in the week. The most likely time is going to be tomorrow as my appointment tomorrow is over the phone and I won’t need to go out until that has happened. Also I don’t know what time that will be, only that it is in the afternoon.

After I have spoken to the students which is scheduled to last for a couple of hours. I will have some time before I shut everything down for the evening. However, I know that I will be tired from my first appointment and that I will be anxious before speaking so I want to make sure I have time to chill. So, I don’t want to promise that I will write afterwards and then not do any. But I won’t close the door on it completely for the day. But I may read or play video games instead.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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