Going To Be Out Of It

Hey everyone, how are you?

I have a fascial manipulation appointment this morning and it is going to take me out for the rest of the day.


The appointment is for my head and neck and shoulder as I have been starting to get headaches again. But I am going (with the okay from my doctor) ask her to take a look at my wrist. As since I have started drumming again, it is starting to ache and feel weak. Also, the pain is referring into two of my fingers. Which is not a good sign and yesterday I had to put the splint back on to support it. I am really hoping that the treatment works and that I don’t have to have the splint on for a long time. My doctor also said to continue on with the exercises that the physio therapist gave me and has scheduled a follow up appointment for next week.

The treatment is going to knock me out though, so I don’t have anything set in stone for the afternoon. However, there is a meeting that I should go to, but they know I may not make it. Before I go to the appointment I need to pick up some medication from the pharmacy. I was meant to go yesterday but ran out of time. As sleep was not consistent the previous night and I was really tired throughout the day. Currently, I am sleeping for a few hours then waking up for an hour or so and then going back to sleep until my alarm goes off. And it is that break in the middle of the night that is messing me up.

If I am awake during the afternoon, I will attend the meeting that I need to go to. I will also do some writing. As I need to get some writing done this week and I don’t have much time on Friday. But if I can’t then I won’t beat myself up for it. As I know that the treatment is tiring and makes me sleep.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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