It’s Friday

Hey everyone, how are you?

I have the dentist today and I am not looking forward to it, I still severely dislike going.


The good thing about going to the dentist is that it is my last appointment of the week. It’s finally Friday and I have managed to survive the week. Yesterday, I had the treatment on my head, neck and wrist which was really good and is already helping. In that I am not in pain currently. I still have my wrist in splint but I knew that it might be the case. I need to still do the physio therapy exercises and I will have a follow up appointment next week. Before going to the dentist I have a meeting that I need to go to. As I have not been all week because I have had other appointments on at the same time. The meeting is only for an hour and it will be good to go, but I am also slightly hesitant and I don’t know why.

When I go to the dentist today, I will have two appointments one with the actual dentist and the other with that hygienist. I am not looking forward to either and I will be taking my emergency medication for my anxiety beforehand otherwise, I know that I will freak out. I don’t know how long each appointment will take but once they are done then hopefully that will be it for six months. I am not sure why I hate the dentist so much, I know that I have had bad experiences with them and they may be why. But I think that it is more that there is someone in my personal space.

When I get home from the dentist I am just going to chill. I have a game that I want to play more of on the PlayStation. But I know that my anxiety emergency medication will make me dopey so it is likely that I will end up asleep at some point. Otherwise I will just read or put some music on or watch television. I thankfully have the weekend to catch up on everything that I have not been able to do this week, writing wise.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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