Want To Write

Hey everyone, how are you?

I have a real desire to write but I am going to be out for a good part of the day.


I have appointments and things that I need to do today. But what I really want to do is sit and write. I should be home by early afternoon, so I should have a few hours to write. But I don’t know how much I will be able to get done. I think that it will depend on how I feel, as I am getting very tired easily and some tension headaches as well. There is a lot of stress hanging about as I am not sure how things are going to go with my family member who is not well currently. I find the best way for me to deal with the tension headaches is to take some medication and sleep it off. That’s what I did yesterday and it did help for a while. The tension is completely emotional.

Before I can write I have to go out to an appointment and run a few errands. I have a counselling appointment late morning and will end at lunch time. Then I have to go and pick up a prescription for my medication. I didn’t get round to doing it yesterday. It is only when I have done this that I can get home and write. I want to write more of the third chapter of the short story and get a good chunk of it drafted.

When it comes to the evening I will probably read and maybe get in some gaming. It will all depend on how I am feeling. Hopefully I will be okay and I will be able to do these things. I am still reading the Murakami book and still enjoying it. I am reading it in small chunks as that is all I can concentrate on at the moment. But I am getting a few chapters read each day. I also want to get in some gaming but that will depend on how my head is. I am trying to up my gaming a bit as it is something I enjoy and want to do more of.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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