Monday Again

Hey everyone, how are you?

A new week and one that is going to be busy, but today is an easy day and start to the week.


I have some stuff to do today, but nothing too hard or strenuous. I can take my time and get things done at my own pace. I do have my usual meeting in the morning and that will take an hour. It should be a good meeting for me as I feel refreshed and ready to start the new week. I want to get some writing done as I don’t have much in the diary for the day. But I also don’t want to try and do too much and burnout again. It is a balancing act that I am trying to find. The writing will be fiction and I tried to start it at the end of the last week. But was so tired that I could not think straight. I do need to make a phone call as well at some point during the day for a lecture that I am helping with next week. As I don’t have much on today I will try and call today.

I also have a drum lesson booked for late afternoon. It is with a friend of mine but it will depend on whether he does not have to change it at last minute. I have been practicing and I fear that I have potential repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist as well as my left. I found yesterday when I was practicing that at a certain bpm and after a set amount of time I started to loose grip on the stick and my wrist started to hurt, similar to my left wrist. I speak to my doctor this week so I will ask for a physio therapy referral. Overall, I am hoping that today will be good and it will also be a good start to the day.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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