Writing Day Ahead

Hey everyone, how are you?

I have another day of writing ahead of me, as I don’t have any appointments today.


I want to focus on what I didn’t get done yesterday, which after a tiring counselling session was not much. It wore me out and I ended up asleep for a while. And I also had to do some forms which always take longer than expected and when I was done, so was the day. I always stop at the same time each day as I like to keep to a routine as I find that it keeps me focused. So, today my writing will be focused on the short story third chapter. I have started it, so I just need to continue on with it. And eventually it will get done. I am finding it hard to write by hand though and it is slowing me down. This is because I have to have my hand and wrist in a splint most of the time whilst I wait to hear from a doctor or physio therapist about a referral for carpel tunnel syndrome.

I also want to write some more of the novel as it has been a while since I looked at it properly. As for a good chunk of the year I was solely focused on the mental illness book chapter. Which I heard yesterday, has been submitted to the publishers along with the other chapters, which is really good to hear. I also need to look at my proposal for a PhD studentship. I may mind map out some ideas and speak see which one I like the most. The main problem that I am having is that I have so many potential ideas that I need to narrow them down so that they are more manageable. And then down to one that I can go really in-depth and be happy knowing that there is enough for an original piece of research.

I may go out at some point during the day. I need to post some documents and collect some medication from the pharmacy. I was meant to do it yesterday but didn’t in the end, but it is something that I need to do soon. So I may as well stop putting it off. Otherwise, aside from writing I am just going to read and chill and maybe get in some gaming.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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