Constantly Tired

Hey everyone, how are you?

I am so tired after spending yesterday getting ready for Christmas.


Normally over the weekend I just chill which is what I had planned for yesterday. But I ended up helping mum with getting some parcels posted and then putting up the Christmas tree. By the evening we were both tired and ready to collapse. So we ordered a takeaway and just rested for the rest of the evening. It was good though to go out for a little while. I had not been out all week so getting some fresh air was beneficial. I also had to go to the pharmacy and pick up my medication, so was able to do that as well. Rather than worry about when I would get a chance to do it next week. Also, on the Friday night I had a late night as I could not sleep, so I was not as rested as I normally am.

Today, I do not have to go out anywhere so my restful day will be today instead. I think it will be good to just chill. It is a uncertain time for me at the moment and I feel that until the middle of next week, I am in limbo and it is exhausting. I know that at the end of next week I will be in a better place. My mental health has taken a battering lately and I have to take care of myself better. And I have some plans on how to do that. And I think that the mattering of my mental health is one of the reasons as to why I am so tired. As I am sleeping well for an insomniac, but I do not feel rested.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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