I’m Back

Hey everyone, how are you?

I’m back blogging after taking a few days off to deal with some things.

Mental Health

I’m glad that I took the break, although I did miss blogging each day and it felt as though I was missing something from my day. But it was good to have a few days off as it allowed me to focus on the funeral of a relative and my own mental health. As leading up to the funeral, I was starting to become detached and could barely make a simple decision. I was numb and just generally not thinking clearly. The night after the funeral I spent the night in The Haven. It was a decision that I came to early on after finding out out about the death of my relative. And I spoke it over with a couple of professionals who agreed that it was a good idea. The staff there was fantastic as always and were understanding as to why I was there.

I spent the night and although it was hard to sleep I did manage to sleep with the aid of a sleeping tablet. I was also able to speak to the staff about how I was feeling and how things were inside my head. As well as how I was going to get through the rest of the week and the Christmas period. I could not think straight still that morning. But I did decide to come home in the morning and spend the day in bed. So, that is what I did and it really helped. Since Thursday I have been able to do more and think more clearly and just generally be more active. I was able to go out yesterday and get a blood test done and pick up the remainder of my prescription, something that would have felt overwhelming at the start of the week.

Today, I have some things that I want to do such as drumming and reading. I have not been on the drum kit for a while. But I have been practicing on my practice pad and although I need to make an appointment with the physio, I have found a way to make the pain less when playing. And that means that I can practice for a little longer than ten minutes. I can get it up to fifteen or twenty minutes. I still need to see the physio but may leave it until the New Year. As it is bearable at the moment. So, it has been an intense week and one that I am glad that I have been able to get through and I am hopeful that things will start to get better.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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