Hey everyone, how are you?

I am resting today, but not in the normal sense. More in the sense that the repetitive strain injury is playing up in both wrists.


This means that there are things that I cannot do for a couple of days whilst it settles down and I continue to wait for my referral appointment to come through. Currently I have only been referred for the left wrist and have been trying to get an appointment for a referral for the right wrist as well. Yesterday, I tried drumming and both wrists and hands became really painful and I had to stop playing after ten minutes. It is the fine movements that make the pain worse and stops me from doing things. But it also means that it is unlikely that I will be able to write or type as well as drum. Nor will I be able to do any art work or anything really that involves that kind of movement.

I will also have to put the splints back on and have them on both hands/wrists. It will make thing difficult such as writing this blog as there is a metal plate that stops the wrist from moving so it makes holding the phone difficult. It sucks because the couple of days before Christmas I am at home and have time to sit and write and I am not able to. It is rather frustrating as I know that I am yet to get the third chapter of the short story written. And that once again it is going to be a long break between chapters being uploaded. I also have the novel that I wanted to get written. That will not be possible either. The only thing that I will be able to do is sit and read. Which is not a bad thing as I like to read and I have many books to get through.

Like I said, it is frustrating but it cannot be helped. And I will just have to focus on the things that I can do, rather than the things that I cannot. I will get to see a socially distant friend at some point and I may take a short walk at some point during the day. Otherwise, I am just going to chill and relax and allow my body to heal.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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