Keeping Fingers Crossed

Hey everyone, how are you?

Yesterday I had my fascial manipulation session and fingers crossed it will keep the headaches at bay.


I am really hoping that yesterday’s session will keep the headaches at bay for a while and I can live some of my life out of pain. The session went well and she found that my neck was really stiff and that could be causing the headaches. There were also some tense points on my head and I have a stretch that I need to do to keep my neck loose. I am really glad that I had the session and that I know about the treatment at all. My mum and I found out about it by pure chance and it has been a life saver. As the pain has really got to me this time and really effected me mentally as well as physically. Hopefully now, both will start to improve. And I can start to ease back on the amount of pain relief that I am taking and go back to my regular dose.

Today, I have my counselling late morning but for the rest of the day I will be chilling. As although the treatment that I had yesterday is very effective it can leave you sore. Also, I as part of the treatment, you cannot take anti inflammatory medication for two days. So I am limited in the pain relief that I can take. And the pain relief I can take is strong and makes me dopey. Which means that I end up asleep for a good part of the day. Which is why I made sure that I did not have anything in the diary except for the counselling. The counselling session will hopefully go well, we are still meeting online because of lockdown in the UK. I know what I want to discuss and I think that it will take more than one session.

As I will be chilling and sleeping most of the day it will not leave much, if any, time for writing. I will get back writing from the middle of the week and onwards. I have plenty to catch up on when I can look at a screen for a long amount of time. And I am missing writing a lot and cannot wait to get back to it. But what I am able to do at the moment, even when I have been in pain is read. I have a new book arriving today and it will be the next one that I read.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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