A Day Of Medical Appointments

Hey everyone, how are you?

Things have not got better over the weekend and I am having to speak to my lead practitioner today.

Mental Health

Over the weekend, since coming home from The Haven, I have been in contact with the mental health rapid response service (MHRRS). And a note has been made on my file that the crisis team may become involved. It is something that I am going to speak to my lead practitioner this morning. As on Mondays she only works mornings and is not in the next day and it is not something that I want to leave. It was hard over the weekend when I made decision that I wanted to potentially see the crisis team to not be able to do it straight away. Which is why I was in contact with MHRRS, as the weekend seemed to just drag on. When I rang them, they were helpful to a point but they are limited to what they can do over the phone.

I don’t know how the day is going to pan out. All I know is that I need to get in contact with my lead practitioner in the morning. And then in the evening I have a medical online. As it is for the car crash that I was in at the start of august last year. I am not sure how long the medical is going to take, but I have to be online for a certain time. And when I was having physio I had a form to fill in, that I can use as notes for today. The medical is with a doctor and I am hoping that it won’t be that bad. I don’t know what will happen afterwards, I think it will depend on what the doctor thinks and I am sure that I will hear in time.

I really don’t know how the day will go with all the medical appointments. I just hope that it will all be for the best. I am more worried about getting the crisis team involved as I don’t want them to ring when I am in my medical. It is something that I will mention to my lead practitioner and it will be taken into account. I know that I am probably just over thinking things.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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