End Of The Week

Hey everyone, how are you?

Even though I have been meeting with my lead practitioner almost daily, today, I have an actual key work session.

Mental Health

This week has been an intense week for me, but it is not over yet. As I have a key work session booked in with my lead practitioner. And I am sure we are going to go through what has been going on this week and how I can move forward. I have been given some things to think about ahead of today’s session. About how I can sit with the emotions that I have. I have been thinking about it and as well as the emotions that I feel but also how I physically react as well. All I can say as I write this, is that, it has been a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings. I think the key work session will be good though, as it will be away to round off the week and put a plan in place to get me through the weekend.

Yesterday, I spoke to my co author of the book chapter, as I had an email in the week about something else and I wanted to catch her up on the situation. And we have decided that we are going to get started on the next project. In an attempt to get my brain focused again on writing and on something other than the emotional pain that I have been feeling. Sometimes, for me, it helps to throw myself into a project and distract myself that way. I have made a mind map about our next project and she is going to give me some pointers and then we can move on with it. I am looking forward to getting back writing academically as one of the things I do not cope well with is being in between projects.

So, it should be a better day compared to the days that I have had this week. And I am feeling slightly more stable than I did at the start of the week. I just hope that it continues and that the weekend does not undo the progress that has been made.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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