More Positive Outlook

Hey everyone, how are you?

As each day has pasted lately, things have been looking better.

Mental Health

I’m so glad that the week has passed and that the weekend so far, has been going well. I have been just relaxing and chilling this weekend and it has helped. To relax I have been mostly drumming and gaming. The drumming has really helped me to get some frustration out. Frustration that had been building all week and by the Friday, I was wanting to completely freak out. But now I feel calmer and in a better head space to deal with things when it comes to it on Monday. They are things that can only be sorted in a working week, rather than at the weekend. And I feel as though I can cope with difficult things again. Rather than not being able to be rational or logical in my approach to problems.

Today, I am jus going to be doing more of the same. As I want to be as relaxed as I can be for the up coming week. I don’t have many appointments next week but I have things that I have to attend to and sort out. I also have some projects and proposals that I want to get back to as well as other writing, such as the short story and novel. And a lot of it will depend on my mental health. As when I am not well like I was last week I spent the most of the time in bed and had no focus or concentration. It is something that I need to build up again and get back to. Overall though, I am feeling a lot more positive and healthier than I have been.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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