Broken The Deadlock

Hey everyone, how are you?

I have finally broken the deadlock and have been able to write some more of the short story.


It feels so good to have finally stopped staring at the short story document and drawing a blank. Initially it is what happened yesterday morning. But instead of just getting frustrated I took myself out of the situation and went back to it a little while later and I was able to go back to it with a clearer head. I was able to get more of the third chapter written and only stopped because I had a meeting and then had to go out for a bit. But I cannot describe how good it felt to be back writing fiction again. I like writing non-fiction but sometimes it is good to mix it up a bit and go back to fiction.

Today, I don’t have any meetings or appointments so I can write some more of the short story, now that I have unlocked the mind block that I had. I am not going to set myself a target of how much to get written. As I think that writing to a target will just stress me out and that will bring the block back. And that is not something that I want to happen. As it became very frustrating and demotivating. I am just going to put my music on and get on with the writing. And when I feel that I have come to a natural stop for the day I will stop. And not feel bad about it.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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