Constant Tiredness

Hey everyone, how are you?

I am so tired and it’s not just because I’ve been taking medication for headaches.


I have had a trying few weeks but I am currently having a good productive week; but I am so tired. I am sleeping a lot better and no longer having nightmares and panic attacks, due to a visualisation technique my counsellor taught me and I decided to try. It really helped and after a few nights of doing this, the nightmares stopped. Now I can just fall asleep like normal and do not have to think or visualise anything. It is so refreshing. I think though, that the previous three weeks have left their mark, in that, I am just tired all the time currently. I have a busy week and have a lot on the to do list. So, I want to be awake during the day, getting things done, rather than needing a nap.

There is something else that I am thinking maybe playing into the tiredness. And it is something that I meant to ask my doctor about when we spoke last week. But there was so much going on that I just forgot. So, have to wait until we speak again next week. I had a blood test for a physical health issue that I have. And one of the symptoms is tiredness and excessive sleeping, both of which I am doing. So, I suspect that my medication needs adjusting. One thing that I can do is ring the surgery to speak to the results line. They will tell me if the results are ok or if a doctor needs to call and speak to me. If it is the latter, then I know that the results aren’t quite right.

I’m hopeful though that the sleep I get tonight will be restful and I will have the energy to he through the day without a nap. As in reality, I have a lot to get done and a lot of writing to do. That I cannot be sleeping during the afternoon all of the time. I also hope that the headache I have had decides to go. As I have been taking medication for it but it has just been dulling the pain and not getting rid of it in its entirety.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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