Limited Writing

Hey everyone, how are you?

I have another appointment with the physio, after I had to contact the surgery because I had not heard about the steroid injection.


This whole saga is giving me a tension headache. I am still waiting to hear if I will be getting the steroid injection that the physio has recommended. I was initially told that I would hear either at the end of last week or the start of this week. And I hear nothing at all, I tried to phone the doctor surgery but got fobbed off. So I put in a request to speak to the physio, as hopefully she will be able to find out if I can have the injection at the surgery or whether I have to be referred somewhere else. Not all of the doctors at the surgery I go to do injections into the tendon, so, I may have to go somewhere else to get it done. Which is fine, I just want it done sooner rather than later. I am bored of wearing a splint and being in pain. I’m also bored of the lack of communication between the surgery and the patient, it is very frustrating.

In an ideal world, the physio will tell me that it can be done today. Although I know that is very unlikely. But I can live in hope. The appointment is in the late morning, which means that I will have to miss the meeting I have with the recovery centre. But that is ok, as the time of the appointment is out of my hands. Like I mentioned at the start of the blog the whole thing is giving me a headache, as I know that if we were not in a pandemic and not reliant on phone appointments, the situation will have been sorted by now. I want to get back to being able to drum properly and write without pain.

I am just keeping my fingers crossed that it all gets sorted today. I have other things that I want and need to do. But I will put them aside if it means getting everything sorted. There is nothing I can do now, I just have to wait until I get the phone call late on today.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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