Catching Up

Hey everyone, how are you?

If I am honest then the last few days I have not done as much as I’d have liked, so today, I will be catching up.


One of the reasons that I am behind is because of the physical pain I have had, but I have to get past it and catch up on writing. It is hard to type or write by hand with the splint on, but it needs to be done as I have meetings and appointments next week that I need to do things for. One thing I am experimenting with is voice dictation for some of the documents and blog posts. So far, it has been going okay but it’s not something that I want to rely on. I don’t know how much I will manage to get done, but I will do my best to scratch a couple more things off of my to do list, before I have to write next weeks.

Writing wise I need to get more of the following done:

  • Short story chapter 3.
  • Novel.
  • Positive filters work/reasons for change.
  • Research of methodology.

I think these four things are plenty to get on with throughout the day. And I know that some of it will be continued on in the week. But it will be good to get some of it done and have a more productive day.

Reading wise, I have some things to read for a meeting in the middle of the week. It is with regards to the new non-fiction piece that I am starting. As there will be a lot of research involved and studies to get my head around. Otherwise, I will be reading fiction as I have a book that I want to get the bulk of read by the end of the weekend. I managed to read some of it yesterday evening, so there is not as much as there was for me to read. But mostly, I just want to keep busy today, as I know that it is going to be a hard day to get through. As it would have been my grandmothers birthday today.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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