Hospital Admission

Hey everyone, how are you?

I have not been able to blog for the last few days as I have felt really unwell.


On Monday I had the first dose of the coronavirus vaccination. And whilst I expected some symptoms of a reaction, I did not expect to end up in hospital. I didn’t feel well for a couple of days and yesterday I spoke to my doctor and he was not happy with my heart rate and he sent me into hospital via an ambulance. The ambulance arrived quickly and whilst I was on board they did an ECG and although it was normal my doctor also wanted some blood tests. So I was taken into hospital and they repeated the ECG and took some blood. Then it was a waiting game for the results and to be seen by the doctor at the hospital. The first results to come back work from the ECG and although there were subtle changes there was nothing significant.

The next results to come back took awhile but they did show some issues. Mainly that the inflammatory markers in my blood were raised. And even though I had chest pain there was nothing else obviously wrong with my heart. The doctor did listen to my chest and it was clear. So the only thing they could think of was that it was a severe reaction to the coronavirus vaccination that I had had on Monday. They didn’t test for the coronavirus but I have no symptoms so they didn’t see the need to test me. After I had spoken to the doctor and had my blood test results I was allowed to come home. I got home late that night and was able to sleep when I got in. The next day I felt a lot better but still have a little pain. Thankfully my heart rate has gone back to normal.

I was told just to rest when I got home which is what I have continue to do. Yesterday my doctor rang me again and took some test results over the phone such as my heart rate and oxygen saturation. They were a lot better and I am hoping that today they are back to normal. i’m going to rest for the bulk of the day although I do have a meeting in the morning. I will also need to go out and collect some medication from the pharmacy otherwise I will run out over the weekend. So it has been an interesting few days, it has not put me off getting the second dose of the coronavirus vaccination. As I believe it is just a bodily reaction to thinking it’s under attack. So the second dose my body should be familiar with it and the reaction should not be as bad.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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