Hey everyone, how are you?

It’s been another long week and I am looking forward to having a restful weekend.


In all honesty I don’t plan on doing much today or tomorrow. I am just going to rest and take stock of all the events of the week and reflect on them so that next week I can have a better week. yesterday I was absolutely exhausted and I did end up having a sleep rather than writing or getting on with various projects. But I did make it to my meeting which was a positive. But I didn’t make it to an afternoon group, which is something I need to work on in this upcoming week. As both my lead practitioner and my key worker want me to go to more community-based groups. I will try harder next week to get to a community-based group. But back to the weekend, and I am just going to chill. I think I will just play some PlayStation over the weekend and watch the rugby.

The thing I need to do most of today is to just look after my Relative who I have been taking care of since they came out of hospital. I do live with them so that does make it easier in that so I don’t have to travel or anything like that. And I don’t mind looking after them, as they have looked after me throughout the years. The biggest thing is to make sure that they take care of themselves and rest, rather than carry on as normal. I just want them to get better. But I understand that it can take time, but whatever happens, I will be there by their side every step of the way. Also, again, thank you to the NHS who have been taking care of the both of us.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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