Break From Usual Weekend Plans

Hey everyone, how are you?

Usually over the weekend, I don’t switch on my laptop. But this weekend, I am changing that.

Weekend Writing

I don’t usually write over the weekend as I find that I need time from a busy week to just to chill. But I’ve had so much on this week that I need the extra time to catch up and complete all the weeks tasks. By the end of my second meeting yesterday I was exhausted and could not focus or concentrate on anything else. I’ve been at the laptop since the morning and I still have a lot to do. On top of this I have had the proof of the book chapter come through on the email and that has been added to the list of things that I have to do. Especially as the deadline for any minor corrections is early next week. So, in order to do this I am going to split the day into two. And spend the morning relaxing and getting in some self-care. Then in the afternoon I will be sat at the laptop writing.

In the morning I will just chill maybe getting some gaming or reading. but in the afternoon it will be all writing. I have an email that I need to complete and send off. It doesn’t sound like a massive deal but this email may have anything else on the outcome of an application I am doing. So it is rather nerve wracking to do, my mind goes blank as I don’t know what to say. Also need to dig out some documents and scan them into my laptop. And then complete the application form for a PhD studentship. I’m not going to rush the application, I have just over a week to get it sent in. But I also do not want to leave it until the last minute.

Once I have done more of the application and written the proposal. I will then focus on fiction writing in the form of the third chapter of the short story. I know I mentioned in yesterday‘s blog that I would write it on Friday. But the day just ran away from me with meetings and other things that I need to do I just run out of time. I also run out of steam as by 4 o’clock I was absolutely shattered and needed to rest.But I will be getting the short story done over the weekend so that it can be uploaded towards the start of next week. I am really excited about the short story and a friend has give me some help on how to finish it. I honestly do not know if I will get more of the novel written over the weekend, but it is on the list of things to do.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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