New Week

Hey everyone, how are you?

I can’t think about anything until I have got my application finished and submitted. I have until 5pm on Wednesday.


I can’t think of anything this week until my application for a PhD place is submitted and done. It’s starting to stress me out just because the deadline is so close and it feels like I’ve still got a lot to do. Even though I was writing the entire weekend, it doesn’t feel like I’ve got a significant amount done. The only other thing I did this weekend aside from writing was a small amount of drum practice whilst the football was on, after I had some dinner. The one good thing I managed to do this weekend, is to draft an email to a potential supervisor and it is ready to be sent tomorrow morning. It is going to be the first thing I do when I switch my computer on in the morning. It also means that I can mention it on my application, which as they are asking about it must be a point in my favour.

The key thing that I need to do today, is to complete the proposal. Once that is done, it is just a case of filling in a form and uploading some documents. But the proposal is the key thing that is going to decide whether or not I will be successful. The main reason that it is taking so long is because it was tailored to a different university. So, I am having to write it again and tailor it to this specific university. And on the supporting documentation that I have found and the information on the application site, are slightly different. This makes it a bit more confusing to tailor the proposal. But I know that it can be done and I have a lot of words to play with. So, it should all be okay.

Aside the writing of the PhD application, the only other thing that I have in the diary is a meeting. It will only last an hour, but at the time of writing I am not sure if I will go. I will decide in the morning and see how I am feeling. It is a mental health meeting and it will be good if I feel I need support. But if I do not then it will just be another hour where I could be working on my application.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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