Back Blogging

Hey everyone, how are you?

I am now back blogging and writing, now that my PhD application and proposal has been written and submitted. Thank you to everyone who bared with me whilst I was going through this process.


Now that the PhD application is submitted and in the hands of the judges, I can get on with other projects that I had to put to one side at the time. It feels odd to not have the application and proposal to do, after I submitted it I was wondering around a little lost. But it also feels nice to have it done, I was literally losing sleep over it as it was playing on my mind. But now I can get back to fiction projects and another non-fiction project, I feel a lot calmer. I now want to finish off the short story as I am aware how long over due it is. I have the exercise book with the previous chapters and the mind map in it. And I have started the third chapter, so that is better than nothing. I was thinking about making chapter four an epilogue. But after speaking to a friend, who wrote a fantastic blog about it, I know that it would have been to have done. I am excited to get back into fiction writing. My mind has been so focused on non-fiction and which referencing style to use that it will be nice to take a step back. I also want to take a look at the novel as well, as that has been on the back burner as well, as I have just not had the time. The novel, I know will take a lot of work but if the last few days have proven anything to me, its that I can tackle anything that comes my way. So, watch this space.

The non-fiction article that I am writing with a friend is still in the early stages. But we did put it on hold for a week so that I could do my application. But we met up online yesterday and things are now moving in the right direction for it. There will be a lot of research to do and writing to do, but that is okay as we work well together and bring out the best in each other. Its is a pleasure to work with her. Our book chapter is going to be out in just under two months. The book is on disability and I think that we have written a good chapter that will explore the experience of having this type of disability. It is very relevant to today’s society. If you want to pre order the book then it is available here. I am really looking forward to when this book is being released and I hope that it does well, because it is not just the chapter that I co wrote, but a lot of other people have put a lot of time and energy into it. And the editor has been fantastic to work with and he has put a lot of work in getting it all together on time.

I am also giving myself some time to relax and unwind, now that the application is done. It is Easter over the weekend, so that will be a good time. I have also been gaming and getting in some drum practice as well. I can tell the difference in my playing of the drums, in that, I can tell that I have not practiced for a while, it was rusty. But I can now devote some time to it. I think that it is good to have some down time and do things that you enjoy and not just because you have a deadline coming up.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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