Pain = Hell

Hey everyone, how are you?

It is finally Friday and it has been one hell of a week. That I am glad that it is over, it is not a week that I want to revisit.

This Week

I have been in a physical and mental health hell. I have been in severe pain, which is why I have not blogged, unable to do anything and it spiralled down into a depression. To the point that I was sent into The Haven for twenty hours for crisis support. The pain was centred in my neck and head and I spent Monday to yesterday morning in the dark because I everything was too bright. It was tension that was caused by anxiety brought on by having to deal with a Government department. I had a deadline to get some documents in and they have been sent, but so far they have not been received as I sent it recorded delivery. The pain, well I have never had anything like it.

The pain made me feel sick and wanted to vomit. To the point that I phoned the doctor and was put on anti sickness tablets. The doctor was not my regular doctor and wouldn’t increase my pain relief. But after seeing the amount of pain I was in the staff at The Haven encouraged me to get a second opinion, which I did Wednesday. I spoke to my regular doctor and after a couple of phone calls and face to face assessment we upped one of my pain relief tablets for two doses that would take me to yesterday morning in time for my appointment. It was a fair compromise and better than just saying no with no other justification. Although I do understand the hesitation for not giving stronger painkillers, it doesn’t help when it is genuinely needed. But it was better than nothing.

Yesterday morning I had treatment on my neck and head through the use of fascial manipulation. Something that I have mentioned before on this blog and something that really helps with the pain. My neck had three points of solid pain that was referring into my head and once those were released the pain went. She was also able to get rid of the sickness I was feeling. It was amazing. I had forgotten in the week what being pain free felt like. I was able to come home and restore back to my usual life. I was able to look at screens, read, write and so on. Seriously, the difference is like night and day. If you are ever offered fascial manipulation as a treatment, take it.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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