9 Days

Hey everyone, how are you?

So, I have some news and that it is nine days until the publication of the book that I co wrote a chapter for.


The book has been over a year in the making and it has been a great time, writing and editing and keeping our fingers crossed that our chapter would be accepted. And it was and it is a great feeling. The book is available to pre order from a couple of places. The first is the Routledge website, who are the publishers, the link for them is here. The other place that it can be found is amazon, the link to which can be found here. I’m so excited to see my name in print in a book that it going to be available throughout the country and possibly the world. I really hope that our chapter helps those trying to understand mental illness and how it can affect people in different ways and the main topics surrounding it, such as stigma.

What’s Next?

I am busy writing the next piece of non-fiction, with the same friend. We are still looking at mental illness, but in a different capacity. I cannot say too much about it, as we are still in the early stages. We are meeting tomorrow to discuss it. I have some ideas but it will depend on what the literature says and the conclusions that we can draw from the current literature, as well as adding to the knowledge of the topic.

I am also really focused on fiction writing as well and have been writing more and more of the novel. I am aiming to get at least one chapter, possibly two chapters written a week. And I find having that target is helping to keep me motivated and keep my head in the game. Also, sometimes it is nice to break up the non-fiction writing with some fiction as it can be hard to get bogged down in academic articles and journals.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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