Research For Novel

Hey everyone, how are you?

Although this week is busy for me, I am making sure that I am finding time to go back to the novel and I am now doing some more research for it.


The research I am doing is for early on in the novel and it is about something called pupilage, which in the UK a barrister goes through as part of their training for the job. I know about the process of getting to pupilage and what it takes academically, but I am not sure of what happens during a pupilage. As, although I have a law degree that would allow me to become a barrister, I did not have the sliver spoon or the money to go that way. Also, as I was studying it became clear that it was not the path I wanted to take either. So, I am researching to how it works and what happens so that I can make this part of the novel as accurate as possible. Obviously there will be some dramatic license when writing but I want to make sure that I have the basics right. It also gives a massive clue as to what the novel will be partly about. I know that I have not given much away, as I am wanting to keep it close to my chest. But I may reveal more as time goes on.

Although the writing process is taking a lot longer than I initially anticipated, I am still enjoying the process. Even if it is in fits and starts and I am having to squeeze it in when I can. Even when I am not writing I am still thinking about it. I am also making myself read more as I know how vital it is to being a successful writer. So, over the past few days my reading amount has been upped. I am currently reading a crime/thriller book about an American lawyer. It is part of a series that I have started by Steve Cavanagh. It is well written and intriguing. Also as my reading time has dwindled, it is a bonus that it has short chapters. If you are into crime books, then I would recommend them.

Anyway, I best be getting back to the research before a meeting that I have late this morning, so thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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