Busy day

Hey everyone, how are you? Today is going to be a mega busy day, but I will be able to get some writing in as I am going to the creative writing group. TodayThe day starts off busy as I have to take the cat to the vet in the morning. Nothing serious, she is... Continue Reading →

Gaming day

Hey everyone, how are you? Today, I am not going to be writing much, as I am having a gaming day. TodayI want to have a gaming day to relax as yesterday I was writing a lot. I have been writing my mental health story, for the book chapter that I am doing. And it... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone, how are you? Yesterday, I had a long hard think about things and decided that I am doing to much. Online course I tried to do more of my online course yesterday when I had a think and realised that doing too much. So, ended up dropping the online course that I am... Continue Reading →

Sleep deprived

Hey everyone, how are you? I am still sleep deprived as I am nearing 72 hours of mostly being awake. I am getting a couple of hours here and there. TodayToday, I will be at home trying to dig myself out of a writing mess that I have created. I have so many projects to... Continue Reading →

Writing on no sleep

Hey everyone, how are you? It is very likely that today I will be writing on little to no sleep. As I have been awake since early Saturday morning. Sleep writing It feels as though my brain has been disconnected from the rest of my body. As I try to even do the most simple... Continue Reading →

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