Reading More

Hey everyone, how are you? Because of the social distancing that is going on because of the Coronavirus, I have found that I am reading more. Reading I am reading more and more, that I know that I am going to be able to smash my goal of reading eighty books this year. I think... Continue Reading →

Writing Set Back

Hey everyone, how are you? Yesterday I was meant to be writing with a friend on the book chapter, but things did not go to plan. Writing Because I cannot go into the university as it has shut because of the Coronavirus. Everyone is having to do stuff from home using Microsoft Teams. But as... Continue Reading →

Crazy Times

Hey everyone, how are you? I want to say that it’s the start of a new week and well it is. But with so much going on each day just feels as though it’s blurring into one. Today It is just a crazy time both here in the UK and astound the world with this... Continue Reading →

Hard to Write

Hey everyone, how are you? I have been trying to write this weekend but so far have been finding it hard. Writing Writing has been hard because I know that I am not in a good place currently. I tried writing yesterday, for about half an hour and I wrote only half a page. Constantly... Continue Reading →

Reading and Writing

Hey everyone, how are you? This weekend I am going to be reading and writing. Weekend After what has been a strange week and one of constant changes. I am trying to keep myself occupied by keeping up my routine. And this weekend is no different as I will be spending the majority of the... Continue Reading →

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