Relaxing until

Hey everyone, how are you? Today, I am going to be relaxing until I have to go to a doctor appointment. TodayThe doctor appointment is in the afternoon, so, I am going to be relaxing in the morning. But when I get back from the doctor I will try and get some writing done. I... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone, how are you? Today, I have to go to a funeral. It is for a neighbour who passed away just before Christmas. Today It is going to be a sad day today, as the funeral for my neighbour takes place. It is a small one just friends and family only. I'm not sure... Continue Reading →

Write write write

Hey everyone, how are you? I am at home all day today, so, that means writing. WritingI need to write today, no matter how bad my head and mood is. Yesterday, I went out and that exhausted me and I crashed out asleep for a few hours afterwards. The main thing that I want to... Continue Reading →

Still in pain

 Hey everyone, how are you? It's a new week, but I am not looking forward to it, as I am still in a load of pain. PainIt is still a week until I am able to see the specialist physiotherapist for some fascial manipulation. And I know that throughout the week, I am going... Continue Reading →

More writing

Hey everyone, how are you? Today is going to be another day of writing and research. As I try and get through the amount of stuff that I have to do. Writing The writing that I am doing never seems to be ending. My dyslexia means that it takes me longer to do one piece... Continue Reading →

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