No Longer

No longer feel numb.

No longer defenceless.

No longer the hunger to be well.

No longer taking pills.

No longer in therapy.

No longer the need…

…to harm…

…to be suicidal…

The need for the no longer to be real.

Grows stronger in every dream.

In my head

You can’t always see it,

The hell that goes on inside my head.

Sometimes you can feel it,

Experience it’s forms of outlet.

But you can never truly see it.

Only representations of it.

In pills

In therapy

In scars

You can read about it.

In blogs and text books

Learn about it.

But you can’t always see it.

Winter crisis despair




Spread too thin.

The destruction from the Government within.

Rubbing the soles off their shoes.

Running around to hit targets.

Where is the compassion?

Where is the care?

When the Tories make you want to die of despair.

We will just say it’s a winter crisis.

Make it a media storm!

On how the NHS is struggling,

While we open another door for privatisation.

Frack Off

In the nice quite conservative West Sussex

Activists arriving, making their voices heard.

The process of fracking for oil and gas.

Making the potential for the rich to get richer

And the environment poorer.

We won’t stand for it, we will protect it.

There are alternative energies,

Which will make the rich more monies.

But they think the alternative is funny.

The Government is behind fracking.

I wonder hoe much of the money the

Companies will be “donating.”

To keep the Tories in place and Labour away.

Frack off, we are protesting peacefully,

But the police are waiting for us to make a mistake.

So that they can show their hate, for

Anyone who gets on the wrong side of the state.

Walking in

You remember that first time walking in a psych hospital.
Only an out patient, but still a patient.
You’ve heard the stories of the old asylums.
The screams, the terror, the loss of pride.
You know things are different now.
But still…
Would they ever let you go, if they knew.
That you’ve contemplated suicide?


What is the point of our existence?

When the state controls our resistance.

Left to right political extremes,

to fix “broken Britain.”

The infection to which we have all been bitten.

Waiting for the call of a General Election.

The States crucifixion and resurrection.

Bringing with it extreme manifestation,

To play on our suppressed frustrations.

Swapping one liar for another,

Keeping the state as the ruling leader.

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