Hey everyone, how are you? Yesterday was a busy day, as outlined in yesterday's blog. The bulk of the day was spent studying. As you may or may not know I am doing an online course on Genealogy, as I want to research part of my family tree. The course is on a website called... Continue Reading →

Developing characters

Hey everyone, how are you? I’ve been working on developing the characters for the short story that I will be writing over the weekend. I had more time than I thought I would yesterday, as the appointment with my key worker was cancelled. I also spent the evening yesterday working on developing my main character... Continue Reading →

Second pain appointment

Today I I will be attending my second fascial manipulation appointment. This means I’m going to have another of pain for 45 minutes. I have felt an improvement as the week has gone on, in my shoulder, and only once have I had to take some additional painkillers. The person who does my treatment is... Continue Reading →

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