Hey everyone, how are you? It’s been another long week and I am looking forward to having a restful weekend. TodayIn all honesty I don’t plan on doing much today or tomorrow. I am just going to rest and take stock of all the events of the week and reflect on them so that next... Continue Reading →

Busy Week

Hey everyone, how are you? After being unwell for most of last week, lots of things have piled up and I am drowning in paper. Today I need to focus and catch up on the projects that I have on the go at the moment. Being unwell last week has put me back a bit,... Continue Reading →

Weekend Writing

Hey everyone, how are you? I need to get some more writing done today, as I start to plan the next non-fiction piece. Writing I will be writing and planning out a new non-fiction piece today, in preparation for Monday morning. When I am due to have a meeting with my friend and co author.... Continue Reading →

New Week

Hey everyone, how are you? A new week and one that I have prepped for as it is going to be busy. Today I have a few things that I need and want to do today, I have a meeting and just generally spending time in front of the computer. Yesterday, I managed to get... Continue Reading →

Book Target

Hey everyone, how are you? I have been reading a lot this week because it is one of the few things I can do when in pain. Reading At the start of this week I set myself a target of finishing the two books that I had started. And yesterday I hit that target. I... Continue Reading →

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