Hey everyone, how are you? I am shattered after yesterday. But it was a good day and I hope that today will be as well. Yesterday/Today Yesterday I spent the bulk of the day with my friends. Helping them move into their new place. It was a good day and I was happy that I... Continue Reading →

Not worrying

Hey everyone, how are you? Yesterday I had my meeting and was very tired afterwards, that I did not get anything else done. And that is okay, I am not going to worry about it. Not writing Lately, I have been very fatigued and I have lost interest in a lot of things, just because... Continue Reading →

Keep getting distracted

Hey everyone, how are you? I keep getting distracted from doing the writing that I am meant to do. It is becoming an annoyance. Distraction Im meant to be writing a short story, but I keep allowing myself to become distracted. Yesterday afternoon I was tired and I did need to have a short sleep... Continue Reading →

Out this afternoon

Hey everyone, how are you? I've had a restful morning, where I just chilled and did what I needed to do. This afternoon I am out for a while for my course. Today This morning, I just chilled as I knew that I had to go out this afternoon. I didn't want to jump in... Continue Reading →

No writing today

Hey everyone, how are you? Today I do not have any time to get any writing done. This is because I have a course to go to this afternoon. Today This morning I have been at home getting on with some tasks that needed to get done. I was able to sleep last night after... Continue Reading →

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