New Week Same Problem

Hey everyone, how are you? My anxiety is sky high again, as I deal with other people’s incompetence. AnxietyI’ve mentioned in the last week that I have had to deal with a Government department, send them some evidence and fill in some forms. Well, it looks like that the postal service has managed to lose... Continue Reading →

End Of The Week

Hey everyone, how are you? Even though I have been meeting with my lead practitioner almost daily, today, I have an actual key work session. Mental HealthThis week has been an intense week for me, but it is not over yet. As I have a key work session booked in with my lead practitioner. And... Continue Reading →

Close Call

Hey everyone, how are you? I feel as though I can breathe a little easier, after meeting with the crisis team yesterday. Mental HealthThe crisis came yesterday morning and it was a stressful occasion. They asked some really hard questions and I was glad when they had gone. They decided that although I was in... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone, how are you? Just a quick blog to let you know that I have been referred to the crisis team. They are coming to see me tomorrow. At the moment, one of the things that I am finding hard is to blog properly. I hope you understand and I really do appreciate all... Continue Reading →

Taking A Break

Hey everyone, how are you? As the title suggests, I am taking a break. It will means that I will not blog from now until the weekend. Time Out I need to take some time out and have a break as some personal family stuff if happening this week. And I am finding it hard... Continue Reading →

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