More Positive Outlook

Hey everyone, how are you? As each day has pasted lately, things have been looking better. Mental HealthI’m so glad that the week has passed and that the weekend so far, has been going well. I have been just relaxing and chilling this weekend and it has helped. To relax I have been mostly drumming... Continue Reading →

This Weekend

Hey everyone, how are you? I came home yesterday and slept for most of it and have been told to spend the rest of the weekend resting. RestThe time spent in The Haven, was really good and I feel better than I did when I went in. It was good to talk and to just... Continue Reading →

Not A Great Start

Hey everyone, how are you? The week had not got off to a good start and I am hoping for a better day today. Tech Issues I kept having tech issues with my laptop throughout yesterday morning and it got to the stage that I wanted to throw it out the window. In the end... Continue Reading →

New Week

Hey everyone, how are you? A new week and one that I have prepped for as it is going to be busy. Today I have a few things that I need and want to do today, I have a meeting and just generally spending time in front of the computer. Yesterday, I managed to get... Continue Reading →

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